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San Franciso set to spend $133.4 million over 10 years on worst mental health cases


(The Center Square) – The city of San Francisco is set to spend $133.4 million over a 10-year period serving no fewer than 575 people who suffer from the most severe mental health and substance abuse issues.

The cost of the program has escalated over time, increasing from $9.6 million in 2019 to a projected $15 million in 2028. The cost in 2023-24 would be $13.4 million. From 2018-2023, the cost was $54 million with the projected cost from 2023-2028 rising to $70.9 million.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is to review the latest renewal of the contract at its April 30 meeting.

The staff memo provided to the board of supervisors stated the increase in costs was due in part to union-negotiated salary increases for University of California-San Francisco staff members.

The city would pay UCSF in the new contract $1,723 per client, per month. The city stated the “capitation rate covers salaries and benefits for UCSF employees working on the programs, program operating expenses, and client expenses, including hygiene products, clothing, and lunches.”

The city will pay for the program via a mix of general fund revenues and state and federal reimbursements.

The city of San Francisco didn’t respond to an email seeking comment.