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DeSantis signed nine bills into law, but decisions await on a few others


(The Center Square) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed nine bills into law this past week, while a few measures and the state’s budget still await his decision.

House Bill 1203 relates to the governance of homeowners’ associations and how community association managers manage those communities. These managers are also required to attend at least one member meeting or board meeting of the association and provide members with certain information, including contact numbers and hours of availability.

HB 1259 amends Florida statutes related to the Agency for Health Care Administration’s rules governing adult cardiovascular services provided in a hospital. The bill specifies that level one adult cardiovascular services include rotational or other atherectomy devices and electrophysiology.

HB 1363 prohibits counties and/or municipalities from contracting for camera systems used to detect traffic infractions with a government entity outside the state. Governmental entities are also prohibited from knowingly entering into or renewing a contract on or after July 1, 2025, with a contracting vendor owned in part or whole by a government in a foreign country of concern.

HB 7009 removes the scheduled repeal of exemption from public records requirements for petitions for voluntary and involuntary admission for mental health treatment, court orders, related records and personal identifying information regarding a person seeking mental health treatment and services. The bill would keep mental health records confidential and allow an exemption for certain entities and individuals.

HB 7085 establishes the Sickle Cell Disease Research and Treatment Grant Program within the Florida Department of Health. Funding will go towards projects that improve the quality and accessibility of health care for people with sickle cell disease.

Senate Bill 1350 relates to salvage motor vehicles, mobile homes and vessels and defines the term “major component parts” for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid motor vehicles. Its purpose is to verify the sources of these parts during the rebuilt inspection process.

SB 1456 provides changes for Areas of Critical State Concern in the Florida Keys and the city of Key West.

SB 7054 revises Florida statutes, modernizing, streamlining and updating provisions and rules related to the administration of private activity bonds.

HB 385 provides requirements for parenting plans related to the exchange of a child during parent timesharing. Sheriffs are required to designate areas as neutral, safe exchange locations.