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Chicago police aim to reduce thefts and carjackings


(The Center Square) – The Chicago Police Department says it has a strategy to address and prevent robberies.

Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling said the plan focuses on four pillars: technology, focused missions, public engagement and accountability.

”We want to be proactive and not just reactive when these crimes occur,” Snelling said.

The superintendent said the department has a focused mission to prevent carjackings and car thefts.

“So we’re starting with stolen vehicles, because we know those stolen vehicles are being used in secondary crimes like robberies,” Snelling said.

Snelling added that police need the full support of the criminal justice system. More than 2,200 robberies have been reported to Chicago police this year.

Accountability is one of the pillars of the city’s plan to combat robberies, he said. Victims have been forgotten, and Snelling said violent offenders must be held accountable for the trauma they inflict.

Police are doing everything in their power to hold offenders accountable, he said.

“Our officers are risking their own safety to apprehend these violent criminals, knowing the violence they are capable of,” Snelling said.

The superintendent said that police sometimes have to arrest kids.

“When these young children are engaging in violent acts, today’s juvenile robbery offender or shooter is tomorrow’s adult murderer,” Snelling said.