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Chicago spends on migrants, then evicts them from shelters


(The Center Square) – The city of Chicago is now enforcing a 60-day stay period for migrant families in shelters. The city postponed the deadline for evicting migrants several times and, until recently, avoided evicting families with children.

Mayor Brandon Johnson insisted that Chicago is still a welcoming place for migrants.

“The families whose 60 days expire, they can come back if there are beds. Fifty-five percent of them do,” Johnson said.

South Side Republican Chairman Devin Jones says Chicago’s citizens pay high taxes and fees while the government spends big dollars on migrants.

“All these things are literally thrusting us into poverty, but they’re able to take that money and give it to people who have their own country,” Jones said.

Jones said the South Side Republican organization has drafted an ordinance to repeal the city’s sanctuary city policy.

Johnson has called out the U.S. Congress as the city spends tens of millions of dollars on migrants.

According to Johnson, migrant care is an unsustainable mission, because the city does not have support from lawmakers in Washington D.C.

“Congress, of course, refuses to respond to President Biden’s leadership, and they refuse to enact real, substantive immigration reform policy,” Johnson said.

South Side GOP Chairman Devin Jones said that city, county and state politicians are giving migrants money that should be spent on Chicago taxpayers.

“I think the best way going forward is to not take the citizens’ money and further exacerbate the problem, when we have terrible roads, terrible schools,” Jones said.