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Illinois quick hits: Aurora makes Bears an offer; clinic serves mostly out-of-state patients


Aurora makes Bears an offer

Chicago Bears president Kevin Warren remains optimistic about plans for a new lakefront stadium, despite not being able to secure public funding in Springfield.

Now Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin is offering an alternative, promising financial support from taxpayers. While Warren acknowledged Irvin’s interest, he has reiterated his commitment to staying in Chicago.

Illinois lawmakers won’t be back in session until this fall.

Clinic serves mostly out-of-state patients

Planned Parenthood of Illinois opened up its newest clinic in Carbondale six months ago, and statistics show the overwhelming majority of those getting care did not live in Illinois.

According to WTTW, three-quarters of the patients served by the Carbondale clinic have come from out of state. Of those out-of-state patients, 88% reside in states where abortion access is restricted, including Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky.

Turkey survey

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is looking for volunteer citizen scientists to assist with wild turkey brood surveys to aid biologists in monitoring turkey population trends and reproductive success.

Summertime is when young turkeys are hatching, and by counting them and adult females, biologists can assess trends in reproductive success and survival of young turkeys. Participants are asked to report young turkeys, adult females and adult males with every observation, as well as the county and date of the observation during the months of June, July, and August.