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Brushwood Afternoon Hits
Brushwood Afternoon Hits

Illinois Quick Hits: Bears could reveal new stadium proposal; legislators advance workplace law


Bears could reveal new stadium proposal

The Chicago Bears may be close to revealing a plan for a new domed lakefront stadium, featuring hundreds of millions of dollars of private financing.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, the team will propose infrastructure improvements that would likely add hundreds of millions of dollars of costs to the city’s taxpayer bill to support the construction of a new stadium.

One of the hurdles could be the advocacy group Friends of the Parks, which has stopped previous developments from coming to fruition in the area.

Legislators advance workplace law

Democrats in the Illinois Senate have advanced a measure that would prohibit Illinois companies from requiring employees to attend work-related meetings about religion or politics.

Under the proposal, it would be illegal for a business to discipline, fire or otherwise penalize an employee who declines to attend an employee-sponsored meeting about religious or political matters. Employees who believe their workplaces violated the law would be able to file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor.

Belvidere gets SOTU nod

In touting the achievements the country has seen since he took office, President Joe Biden highlighted the developments to reopen the auto plant in Belvidere in his State of the Union address Thursday night.

Stellantis plans to reopen the plant in 2025, and also plans to construct a new parts distribution site and battery facility nearby. Chrysler opened the Belvidere Auto Assembly plant in 1965.