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Illinois quick hits: Cellphone outage impacts Midwest; migrants arrested for theft


Cellphone outage impacts Midwest

Illinois is included in a massive cellular service outage that is affecting thousands across the country.

More than 50,000 AT&T customers reported service outages early Thursday. The cities with the most outages included the Chicago area. Verizon and T-Mobile customers were also experiencing outages.

A T-Mobile spokesperson said their network was operating normally and that reported outages were likely reflecting T-Mobile customers attempting to reach users in other networks.

Migrants arrested for theft

Five migrants from Venezuela are accused of stealing more than $2,000 of merchandise in Oak Brook. Police were notified that a group of men stole merchandise from a Nike store.

Oak Brook police located their vehicle outside the Ulta store and when they tried to make a traffic stop, the vehicle pulled away. Police were able to box the car in and arrest the men.

The five suspects allegedly stole perfume from the Ulta store valued at over $1,300 and shoes from the Nike store worth over $700.

Crews respond to truck crash

Emergency crews responded Thursday to tractor-trailer crashes in southern Illinois.

Two trucks suustained damage on I-55 between Collinsville and Maryville. One of the trucks caught on fire. Drivers were urged to avoid the area and take an alternate route. No injuries were reported.