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Illinois quick hits: Food additives ban passes Senate; legislator seeks to criminalize blocking roads


Food additives ban passes Senate

The Illinois Senate has passed a measure that would supersede the federal government when it comes to banning food additives. The legislation would ban several additives, including brominated vegetable oil and red dye number 3.

California recently passed a similar ban, but if enacted, Illinois would have one of the strictest food bans in the country. The National Confectioners Association has gone on record saying that states shouldn’t get ahead of the federal government on such issues.

Measure criminalizes blocking roads during protests

In the wake of an incident when protestors blocked a major traffic entrance into O’Hare International Airport, an Illinois lawmaker has proposed legislation that would make similar demonstrations a felony.

Pro-Palestinian protestors blocked a ramp accessing the airport’s terminals. Republican state Rep. Dan Ugaste’s bill would create stiffer penalties for individuals who block an “exceptionally busy public right-of-way” for not less than five minutes.

Health survey announced

The Illinois Department of Public Health has announced the start of the 2024 Healthy Illinois Survey, a statewide effort to compile data on the current state of health and wellness and areas where public health can be improved.

Under Illinois law, IDPH is required to administer an annual survey to obtain data from every county and zip code in the state, establishing a baseline of public health information to allow for progress to be tracked and measured each year. Health officials hope to reach as many as 55,000 households this year.