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Illinois quick hits: League of Women Voters wants ethics reforms


League of Women Voters wants ethics reforms

The League of Women Voters of Illinois has issued a statement saying it strongly supports an independent Legislative Inspector General in the state of Illinois, and to accomplish that, existing law must be amended.

One of the provisions the league supports is that the LIG should not report solely to the legislature or other political figures that may be subject of a potential investigation. The group said passing reforms in both chambers is essential to restoring public faith in Illinois state government.

Riverboat cruise company ending

A riverboat company that cruised along the shores of Illinois is no more. The parent company of the American Queen riverboat has canceled all future cruises.

Employees recently received emails from the company terminating their employment. The company blamed unforeseen circumstances and inability to obtain sufficient capital to continue operations.

Temperatures to fluctuate

Illinois is in store for a temperature roller coaster next week.

The state will see unseasonably warm conditions to start the week with some areas getting up over 70 degrees on Monday and Tuesday. A cold front is expected to move through the state, dropping temperatures into the 30s for highs on Wednesday.

Temperatures will slowly rebound back into the 60s heading into the weekend.