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Illinois quick hits: Storm damage cleanup ongoing; measure impacts condo parking


Storm damage cleanup ongoing

The clean-up continues in southern Illinois after a line of powerful storms moved through the area Tuesday morning.

The storms produced multiple severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. In the southern portion of Williamson County, several businesses suffered heavy damage. Power outages were reported in dozens of counties.

Measure would impact condo parking

State Sen. Dan McConchie, R-Hawthorn Woods, has introduced legislation that would ensure parking accommodations for disabled individuals living in condo buildings across Illinois.

The measure would require that every individual has access to essential facilities within their condominium communities and require accessible parking to be available for disabled people.

Under current law, condo buildings are not required to keep parking spaces accessible for people with disabilities.

‘Red flag’ awareness campaign launches

A new campaign to raise awareness about Illinois’ Firearm Restraining Orders, or “red flag laws,” launched Tuesday during National Public Health Week involving the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Illinois effort is the first phase of a planned multi-state campaign called “Pause to Heal.” It is designed to prevent firearm suicides and other shootings by educating the public about the state’s red flag laws, and the power that family and household members have to ask a court to temporarily restrict access to guns and ammunition when a person poses a threat to themselves or others.