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Illinois quick hits: Tax Foundation criticizes mansion tax; LaHood defends TikTok vote


Tax Foundation criticizes mansion tax

A tax policy nonprofit is slamming Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s mansion tax. The so-called “Bring Chicago Home” referendum would raise the real estate transfer tax on properties over $1 million.

The Tax Foundation says most of the tax increase would fall on Chicago businesses, including local restaurants, apartment complexes and convenience stores.

They contend that the money raised has been earmarked to address homelessness, but the mayor has not outlined a specific plan to spend the revenue and there is no guarantee that the funding will be spent on homelessness services.

LaHood defends TikTok vote

As TikTok faces an uncertain future in the U.S., an Illinois congressman is explaining why he voted “yes” on a bill to force the social media company to part ways with its Chinese parent company ByteDance.

U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood said it is too risky to allow the Chinese Communist Party to have a backdoor for harvesting information on Americans. LaHood said it is shocking that 45% of Gen-Zers get their news from TikTok, especially during an election year.

Soldier identified

Investigators from the U.S. Defense Department have announced that they have identified the remains of an Illinoisan who was listed as missing after his bomber was shot down in World War II.

In 1944, second Lt. Robert Porter was the navigator of a U.S. Air Force Bomber that was shot down over Germany. Unidentified remains were buried in a German cemetery and were recovered in 1952. Using DNA analysis, Porter’s remains were identified and will be buried in Elmwood at a later date.