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Illinois quick hits: U of I encampment removed; tornadoes touch down


U of I encampment removed

Tents were taken down from a pro-Palestine encampment overnight at the University of Illinois. Protestors were seen packing up tents and taking down signs and banners Friday effectively ending the encampment.

University facilities and services were present soon after, mowing the grass and preparing for graduation Saturday.

Tornadoes touch down

Four tornadoes touched down in southern Illinois Wednesday. The National Weather Service surveyed areas in the region after storms swept through the area.

The twisters touched down in the Lake of Egypt area in Williamson County, southeast of Carbondale, in Jackson County near Cora, and in Saline County in the area of Carrier Mills. No tornado exceeded an EF-1 rating.

Flash Index update

The University of Illinois Flash Index for April, a measure of Illinois’ economy, moved slightly higher for April from 102.8 in March to 103.

Illinois tax receipts, an important building block of the Flash Index, were strong. Individual income tax receipts were up in inflation-adjusted terms by over 16%, the second highest monthly total on record.

The national and state unemployment rates ticked up but remained at low levels. Illinois’ rate was nearly a percentage point above the national rate.