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Illinois quick hits: Worker dies after scaffolding collapse; dust storm shuts down interstate


Worker dies after scaffolding collapse

An iron worker died after a scaffolding collapse at a Chicago area construction site Thursday.

Officials said two workers were on scaffolding for the elevator shaft construction when they believed high winds caused the scaffolding to collapse. Two workers fell, killing one.

Wind gusts were reported at 40 miles per hour. Guidelines from a scaffold industry safety group recommend work should cease when winds reach 25 mph.

Dust storm shuts down interstate

Another dust storm shut down a central Illinois interstate Thursday. Parts of I-55 and Route 66 were closed following the emergence of a dust storm. Traffic was rerouted on McLean County until conditions improved.

Eight people were killed in a massive traffic pile up during a dust storm last year on I-55 in Sangamon County.

Red Lobster bankruptcy

Red Lobster wants to close several dozen more restaurants following its bankruptcy announcement, including locations in Illinois.

The company said that it had more than $1 billion in debt and less than $30 million in cash on hand. Part of its plan is to close some of its nearly 600 restaurants, including locations in Champaign and Bourbonnais.

The first Red Lobster restaurant opened in 1968.