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Legislation adds hurdles to mobile home park owners looking to sell property


(The Center Square) – A measure advancing at the Illinois Statehouse would make mobile home park owners jump through extra hoops if they want to sell their property.

State Sen. Steve Stadelman, D-Rockford, said his Senate Bill 2935 will help those living in mobile home parks that get sold.

“It tries to end surprise sales that result in new owners coming in, raising rates and seniors on fixed income and low-income residents that are basically economically evicted,” Stadelman said.

Specifically, he said it creates a right of first refusal for residents or a homeowners association in the park.

Republican state Sen. Jil Tracy said if passed into law, the measure would set a precedent against personal property rights. She said if property owners want to sell to “cousin Eddy or their children, to anybody …”

“They first must go through this. That’s an infringement,” Tracy said. “That is not the way we do property rights in Illinois or in the United States.”

The measure now goes to the Illinois House.