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Op-Ed: Illinois must act now to curtail rampant lawsuit abuse, protect local businesses


Illinois has rapidly devolved into one of the worst legal landscapes in the United States. The threat of lawsuit abuse is a growing crisis that directly impacts our livelihoods and the state’s economic health.

Illinois, particularly Cook County, has been labeled the No. 2 judicial hellhole in the nation, and this dubious distinction is not just a title; it reflects a troubling reality where businesses, big and small, are increasingly burdened by unfair legal practices and excessive litigation costs.

As a small business owner in Wauconda and a board member of the Illinois chapter of Associated Builders & Contractors, I’ve witnessed several small business owners come under threat of ill-intentioned lawsuits. Large firm trial lawyers are exploiting legislation like the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) to strongarm small businesses into settlements.

These cases are a threat to our businesses and, by extension, our communities.

One of the most alarming aspects of this surge in litigation is the “tort tax” – an invisible cost that each citizen in Illinois bears. It’s estimated that lawsuit abuse costs each of us a staggering $1,689 annually. When lawsuits become a tool for exploitation rather than justice, the integrity of our judicial system is compromised, and the citizens and businesses pay the price.

But the cost isn’t just monetary.

The current legal climate in Illinois is responsible for an annual loss of over 202,000 jobs. These aren’t just statistics; they represent families struggling to make ends meet, young professionals seeking opportunities elsewhere, and businesses grappling with the decision to stay in a state that seems increasingly hostile to their interests.

This spring session, our state legislators have a crucial opportunity – and responsibility – to reverse this damaging trend. We need reforms that ensure fairness and balance in our legal system. This isn’t about denying legitimate claims or undermining the importance of legal recourse; it’s about creating an environment where frivolous lawsuits are discouraged, and genuine cases are handled with the seriousness and integrity they deserve.

Protecting businesses from lawsuit abuse also means tackling the high costs of workers’ compensation.

In Illinois, these costs are among the highest in the nation, putting an unnecessary strain on businesses that are already navigating a challenging economic landscape. Reform in this area is beneficial and essential for the survival and growth of businesses like mine.

The consequences of inaction are clear: continued financial strain on citizens, loss of jobs, and businesses either closing their doors or moving to more business-friendly states. Illinois can do better, and it starts with our legislators taking a firm stand against lawsuit abuse.

As someone deeply involved with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) at the state and federal levels, I know the power of collective action and the importance of voicing our concerns.

It’s time for us to come together as a community of business owners, workers, and citizens to urge our lawmakers to implement reforms that will protect our businesses, foster job creation, and restore fairness to our judicial system.

Illinois’ economy’s future and its people’s well-being are at stake.

Let’s work together to ensure that our state is a place where justice, fairness, and economic prosperity are not just ideals but realities.