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SEIU announces unprecedented wage increases for park district workers


(The Center Square) – The Service Employees International Union is touting a tentative five-year labor agreement with the Chicago Park District.

A statement from SEIU Local 73 said the deal, pending ratification, includes unprecedented wage increases and improvements to working conditions.

Wirepoints President Ted Dabrowski said the SEIU and the Chicago Teachers Union are in a favorable position with Brandon Johnson as mayor.

“The SEIU is not dumb. They’re going to ask for plenty and see if they can get it,” Dabrowski said.

Dabrowski said the unions scratch the politicians’ backs, and in return the government workers get big benefits, big pay and big power.

“You’re adding insult to injury to most ordinary Illinoisans who don’t have any such guarantees for them. Most ordinary Chicagoans don’t have a guaranteed pension or a guaranteed contract,” Dabrowski said.

The deal for park district workers is expected to cost Chicago taxpayers a lot more money.

SEIU workers will get unprecedented wage increases, according to a statement from the union, pending ratification of the tentative agreement. Dabrowski said ordinary Chicagoans are going to have to pay a lot more for government employees.

“All these workers want big, big raises. They have guaranteed multi-year contracts when they sign these things. Many of them get guaranteed pensions,” Dabrowski said.

SEIU Local 73 President Dian Palmer expressed heartfelt gratitude to Johnson and his staff for their instrumental role in facilitating the agreement.

The SEIU endorsed Johnson for mayor and donated more than $4 million to his campaign.

The agreement was announced just days before registration opened for park district summer camps and programs.