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Gina Gardiner’s Tomorrow’s Talent

Gina Gardiner’s Tomorrow’s Talent

Gina Gardiner’s Tomorrow’s Talent

About Gina Gardiner’s Tomorrow’s Talent

Gina Gardiner Showcases Tomorrow's Talent discovers exceptional musical talent and uncovers the stories behind the melodies. Host, Gina Gardiner, and Co-host, Songwriter Jerry G. Davis, opens the door to a world of musical passion and diversity for an unforgettable journey through the sounds of tomorrow.

We are  looking for great musical talent which has not yet been signed with any of the big record labels. The show is designed for musicians who are talented and would appreciate the world-wide exposure and who meet the criteria.

Completing the application form is the first stage –  an invitation to the next stage will be dependent on:

  • A fully completed form
  • The quality of your music and the tracks you submit
  • The information you share about yourself and your musical journey and why you want to be on the show.

Who Can We Showcase?

There are some restrictions as to who we can feature based on which Professional Associations you belong to and whether you have been signed up with a Record Label.

We can feature those who are signed on an independent or on personal record label, or who are unsigned and not with any PRO other than BMI. (Performance Rights Organizations).

You will need to sign a declaration to that effect before any recording is done.

It is hoped that the range of PMO’s will be expanded over time.

We showcase a wide variety of music. That artists must be musically talented is a given, but they must also be ready to share their musical journey and aspirations. The interview will be pre- recorded over Zoom. The interview offers you the opportunity to let our audience get to know the person behind the music it is important that you are as honest and open as possible.  I and my co-host songwriter Jerry G. Davis, here to help get the best out of you, so we can showcase you in the best possible way.

The show last 55 minutes altogether. There is the opportunity to play 4 tracks during the show. We will need MP3 links to these tracks as the editors insert these directly so that listeners get the best possible musical experience. Please be accurate about the timing for your tracks as it impacts on the structure of the show.

We have a very special section in the show ‘Writers Corner’ for those who write their own music which will be hosted by Jerry Davis

Once you have sent in your completed application form, we will consider your application and we will be in touch to let you know if you are being invited to a pre-show chat.  This will be conducted by Gina – over Zoom.  Only then will you be invited to record a show.

If you're a talented musician itching to share your gift, don't hesitate to reach out. Go to: and fill out the form to appear on our show!