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Pennsylvania sees 45% increase in electric vehicles


(The Center Square) — Pennsylvania has seen dramatic growth in electric vehicle ownership, with a 45% rise compared to a year ago as state and federal funds drive the buildout of public charging stations on its main highways.

Data released by PennDOT show that more than 63,000 EVs are registered in the state. Additionally, hybrid EVs number 274,800 statewide, a 24% increase.

Counting plug-in hybrids, the total EV share in the commonwealth is almost 375,000 vehicles.

Those vehicles are supported by 4,200 public plugs in over 1,600 locations across the state. Most EVs cluster in the Philadelphia suburbs, along with spots around Harrisburg and Pittsburgh.

The push for more plugs has come from federal investment: the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program will send $172 million to Pennsylvania over five years to develop EV corridors across 1,800 miles of roadways.

The funding requires the state to build DC fast chargers to give cars a 200+ mile range per hour. They must be built within one mile of a highway and within 50 miles of the next station.

Previously, PennDOT reported that projects take 18-24 months to build at an average cost of $650,000, 20% of which must be matched by grantees. More than $60 million was spent to begin construction in 2022 and 2023.

So far, of the 55 projects awarded, one is already operating at a Pilot Travel Center in Pittston.

The growth of EVs in Pennsylvania has been about average nationally. Non-EVs still dominate: Only 0.5% of cars on the road have gone electric.

During a PennDOT State Transportation Innovation Council meeting, Infrastructure Implementation Coordinator Natasha Fackler noted that they expect to announce another 25-30 projects in May.

In 2026 or 2027, another $100 million will be available for a community buildout round.

“The Shapiro Administration is quickly making these federal investments work for Pennsylvanians and I’m proud that we remain among the nation’s leaders in expanding EV charging options,” PennDOT Secretary Mike Carroll said in January. “In partnership with the companies electrifying these sites, we are creating healthier communities by reducing our carbon footprint and supporting clean-energy jobs.”