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Former gubernatorial candidate under fire for calling GOP woman female dog


(The Center Square) – Former Washington gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp is facing possible expulsion from a state law enforcement association for posts on social media calling female lawmakers “bitches.”

Recently Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber, R-Republic, announced she was running for the 5th Congressional District. Culp, the former police chief for the city of Republic, wrote “we are the only ones who are going to get the word out about this back stabbing (insert female dog) to the people of the 5th District.”

The post drew criticism from various individuals, including Rep. Travis Couture, R-Allyn, who wrote “only a loser trashes women with such language, only a coward does it from behind their keyboard.”

In response, Loren replied to Couture that “these aren’t just female bitches. Travis S. Couture is also a bitch, feel better?”

In an Wednesday letter, Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs President Kevin Morris and Executive Director Steve Strachan wrote that the posts were “unbecoming” of a WASPC member. Under WASPC bylaws, a member can be expelled if eight board members vote to do so. The letter offers Loren an opportunity to respond before the proposed expulsion vote occurs.

Posting the letter on X, formerly known as Twitter, Loren wrote on Thursday that “apparently free speech isn’t allowed, or could it be, speech that goes against THEIR endorsed candidate isn’t allow and this is just an excuse?”

In the post he also asks if he should “give in and give up my free speech (which they all swore an oath to protect),” “give in because I’m just a bitch myself,” or “tell them to pound sand and quit acting like little bitches.”

Loren ran against Gov. Jay Inslee during the 2020 election, losing 56.6%-43.1%. Loren claimed that the results were fraudulent and filed a lawsuit against then-Secretary of State Kim Wyman five weeks after the election.