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Old Time Radio Show Featuring The Aldrich Family
Old Time Radio Show Featuring The Aldrich Family

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Defending Our Children

Defending Our Children

Defending Our Children

About Defending Our Children

This show segues from Contraland, the documentary created by Veterans For Child Rescue founder, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. Its sole purpose is to alert the populace of the human trafficking of children which is the single greatest threat to our way of life. It is an estimated $38-$50 billion industry, which is greater than the NBA, NFL, and MLB combined. Society believes that this industry is real however that it exists outside our borders. When in fact this problem is prevalent in every corner of the United States.

We need to challenge our educational system, our justice system, our local, state, and federal government. In recent times we have been taught to view that our greatest threat to society was terrorism, however Child Trafficking has a much more devastating impact because our children will be the future leaders of our way of life. We as a society have to do everything we can to protect our species starting with our children. This evil impacts every single person in the United States as well as worldwide.



Craig grew up near Houston, Texas and got his tactical start in the U.S. Marine Corps. He quickly transitioned to the U.S. Navy to pursue high-level Special Operations as a U.S. Navy SEAL. He served in SEAL Team One, then went on to the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), then in the Federal Air Marshal Service as an Agent and Supervisor. After 5 years in Federal Law Enforcement, Craig served in High-Threat Mobile Security contracting, Film & Television Tech Advising, and Personal Security Training for the public. As a DEVGRU Operator, Craig gained critical combat experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm resulting in decoration for “Heroic Service.”

Those operations included:

  • The capturing of the very first prisoners of the war
  • CSAR (Combat Search And Rescue) Operations
  • Sniper Operations
  • Reconnaissance Operations
  • Counter-Mine Operations
  • FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) Operations

Throughout his career, Craig gained recognition for his mastery of multiple military and combat disciplines, such as weapons training and shooting, counter-terrorism, surveillance and counter-surveillance, climbing, criminal investigation, parachuting, and hand-to-hand combat.


Craig served as an Agent In Charge (AIC) responsible for the DOS Chief of Mission leaders in his assigned region. He ran the specialized teams responsible for providing security to various high-threat politicians and dignitaries such as U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and U.S. Ambassador John Negroponte, among others. In addition to running the security details for those Regional Coordinators, Craig was also responsible for securing other U.S. dignitaries and DOS personnel during their visits to that high-threat war zone region.


Craig acted, produced, and assisted some of the best in Hollywood. He has contributed to news shows like FOX News and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. He has also been a frequent contributor to History Channel’s show Sniper: Deadliest Missions. Since 2010, Sawyer has been a recurring trainer for History’s marksmen competition Top Shot, appearing in all five seasons.In 2013, Craig and three other U.S. Special Forces veterans fought to prevent mass killing of rhinos by poachers who sell their horns at exorbitant prices – sometimes up to $500,000 – on the misconception that they have medicinal value. These missions were filmed and aired on Animal Planet’s popular series, Battleground: Rhino Wars.In the entertainment industry, Craig made a name for himself in the following:

  • Most frequent “Expert” on all 5 seasons of History Channel’s TOP SHOT
  • Virtually every major television news station and morning talk show, including THE TODAY SHOW, FOX & FRIENDS, MORNING JOE, CBS EVENING NEWS, FOX NEWS, THE DYLAN RATIGAN SHOW, etc.
  • Team Leader and voice for Animal Planet’s BATTLEGROUND: RHINO WARS
  • Military Channel’s DEADLIEST TECH: SPEC OPS
  • History Channel’s (H2) TOP GUNS
  • Craig co-starred in a new movie for 2016, Army Dog, with Casper Van Dien
  • There are 2 new feature films going into production with Craig as Tach Advisor, Co-Producer, and/or Actor.
  • Craig co-starred with R Lee Ermey on GunnyTime for 3 seasons, until Gunny’s passing.


When a friend and intelligence community veteran told Craig about the severity of child trafficking in America, Craig knew he had to do something.Craig founded Veterans for Child Rescue (V4CR) in April of 2017 with the goals of exposing and eradicating child trafficking in the USA. He made plans to film a documentary that would expose the infrastructure and secrecy behind the industrial scale harm of child trafficking.