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The Biz Book Broadcast

The Biz Book Broadcast

The Biz Book Broadcast

About The Biz Book Broadcast

So Many Business Books - So Little Time!

On this show we’ll be talking to business authors about exactly how their books can help you grow your business.

Plus as we know running a business can be hella stressful, we’ve got you covered featuring books + authors who can help with the the less talked about aspects of business. Like not sleeping, forgetting to actually stop working (we see you) and the issues of running a team (humans can be so very complex).

We’ve picked the most interesting people, the most helpful books and we’re going to squeeze them for their best tips. You’ll get actionable advice you can use immediately.

And if you’ve ever wondered if writing a book might be the thing for your business we’ll be talking to experts to unpick how it works + what to avoid as Liz publishes her first book.

If you love books and you want to grow your biz… the Biz Book Broadcast is your new best friend.

And to get you started - here’s a list of the 10 essential reads for every successful biz owner - these are the books Liz recommends almost on the daily to her strategy + Mastermind clients.

Just like the show - this isn’t your usual list of biz books, these answer the challenges you’ve actually got coming up right now. Helpful, quick to read and very timely.

Just like the Biz Book Broadcast!

Click here and get your book list

Meet Liz Scully:

Liz Scully spent 20 years working on big Hollywood films - she’s won an Emmy and her work is multi-Oscar nominated.

She travelled the world working with massive Visual FX teams + worked far too many weekends so film directors got their perfect shot.

Now, she's a business strategist and a Mastermind coach and she'll help you do equally spectacular things with your business.
Growth is all about having a clear and simple strategy where each daily task moves the whole business along in many areas. She’s here to help you earn more, work less and have much more fun in your business.

She’s created training on how to run the most effective Mastermind groups on the planet (humans really are better together). And with Evil Coach strategy, training so good, it’s not only effective but actually entertaining. Very rare.

Liz is a fully fledged book nerd + reads a couple of books a day. She’s sifted through them to find the most effective books for you + your biz.

Plus she’s bringing in many of her pals from her days in advertising, commercials, media and speaking - to get you the very best conversation + primo book recommendations.

She's Irish, nomadic and as confused as everyone else why she has an English accent.